From imaginative festival installations to outstanding furniture, from upcycle-art to ecological houses: Jim makes it (happen)!

Jim de Ruiter is a woodcraft and metal-artist, working from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Fascinated by the nature and structure of the material he uses, his work follows their inherit qualities: the curves of wood, the roughness of steel, the rust on iron. Working in line with the materials automatically leads to his typical style which is characterised by organic and yet symmetric shapes.

Apart from working with raw material, Jim occasionally uses ready-made products, giving them a second life in a new project, while keeping their character. This “upcyling” is an artistic challenge in and of itself.

If you want something done, do it yourself. In the spirit of self-sufficiency, Jim co-founded ‘de Vliegtuin’: a foundation that establishes creative spaces for craft-learning. In their metal, wood and other workshops, makers get the chance to learn from and with each other.

Jim de Ruiter worked with various partners: from small scale non-commercial projects of individual artists to large-scale ones, like the Phoenix fire statue for the Dutch National new years’ eve celebration, a moment which was broadcasted live on national television (see video underneath).


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